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Falcon Heavy, Witnessing history 2/6/2018

If you know me, you are aware of my obsession with everything that Elon Musk has created. I follow his endeavors to make us sustainable and a multi planetary species.  I knew he would be launching the Falcon Heavy but didn’t expect myself to be a witness. Less than 2 weeks before the event, I had a regular customer from the restaurant I worked at (Bella Napoli) offer to pay for my hotel if I could get myself out to Cape Canaveral launch site. Through a series of hectic events, I drove 4 hours through the night to get a new credit card, flew into Florida and drove another 2 hours to get to my hotel where they had lost my ticket to view the launch. No sooner than 3am they called to my room to say they had found my pass to view the launch. Arriving at 9am to the Kennedy Space Center, the day began as a tourist wandering through historical equipment. Meeting people who’d worked on the antennas of the falcon 9 and boosters as well. I looked up from the grassy lawn into the clear blue sky. …
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My Celi love for Mycelium

I had seen the videos over the last 4 years… Mycoremediation- using mycelium to breakdown different materials that are negative on this environment and breaking the carbon bonds with special enzymes to produce carbohydrates which can be positive or neutral in our environment I had also fallen for a couple new companies growing furniture with mycelium…. Following them online was a blessing, My passion followed in action.  I found a mushroom farmer in Kansas City. Carie Cave. Not only is she humble and full of love, but she allowed me in her space to teach me and show me the details in producing a culinary mushroom. Free Education through volunteering… I learned how sensitive this live culture is to light, air, and other competing microbes. I found my new love, oh and by the way, did you know that mushrooms are more closely related to the animal kingdom than to plants? These special microorganism are used to expand our mind, our body, and soon, recovering of our planets health!

If your can't buy it, Do it 9-23-2017

Boys grow is a local non-profit that educates and empowers young men on farming, growing, producing, and selling. They have fund raisers and dinners every year to develop their presence and to give people a chance to see their farm and support them. If I can’t afford to be apart of something so special, next best thing is volunteering for it. I get to be closer with those making it happen. It's one of the best ways to get involved and chances are I receive a whole lot more for my time than my money.

Johnson County Landfill Tour 4-6-2017

Seeing is believing… and sometimes that’s just what it takes to put the mind in motion.. I began reaching out to landfills in the midwest around January of 2017. What I found is if they are private, there are no legal motions that require allowing public to see them.  Go to east or west coast and landfill tours may be more common. Here in the midwest however, most doors are closed. After reaching out to a few dozen landfills across multiple states, I put the phone down, stopped emailing, and went on with my life. Three months later I received an email from Mike Hey, the new director of communications and the Johnson county landfill. He said not only would he show me the landfill, but he would be honored. We met, and went on a drive… Over the mountains and through the hills to the Johnson county landfill we go. He had just taken position in Kansas City as Waste Management had just bought out deffenbaugh. A new guy on the floor to clean up years worth of messes. From wars between the tr…

Power of Spirit 7-1-2018

We have a problem. Our fast paced lifestyle with so many topics and subjects that need our attention and help, focusing on things greater than our personal life can feel overreached .. From the coral reef, and rainforests to the very eco system of bugs and soil in our backyard. 
Although we are tied to the strings of doubt, failure, mortality., We have been granted the chance to be a part of a team of motivated woman who want to better this world. We can inspire and remind the people in our community of all the amazing things we can do to change the world for the better We can be the spirit of the community that bridges the mind of information with the body of action.
We are of the information age, and near past it.. We have the ability to know many great things. Great things like what we do has an impact, and that every act can be measured. The smallest things can lead to the largest outcome. You are here 1. because you are smart. You are smart in knowing that the world needs true l…

Happy Hour / A straw experiement 6-22-2018

On Thursdays I go out with my dear friend Kianna and we spend all afternoon bar hopping for happy hour drinks. We enjoy the sunny patios, the cheap cocktails and conversations with those around us. The day leads us into the evening where we make our way to the bars of the night life, and of course finally to VIP lounge with bottle service galore. These Thursdays have become my science experiments on communication, consumerism, and consciousness.     I know plastic straws are measurable on impact to our environment and so I take most Thursdays as a time to communicate with bartenders, servers, and friends. I will be sure to speak up, make eye contact, and say those words “no straw please..” with a murmured “they are killing the planet” under my breath.  I tally how many people actually hear me, and that someone might speak up and say “hey that’s neat” but more likely a “oh she’s a no straw girl.. i don’t get it” I go through my night adding volume to my conviction as the music gets lo…

Green proposal for Brookside Kcmo 6-6-2018

I’m thrilled  to talk with you today about brookside's new potential inrecycling and composting. First I’m going to tell you why I’m here, why now is the time for brookside to begin its journey to sustainability  and then ill hand it over to Cassandra who will go into better detail on logistics for a sustainable future.  My name's Olivia English and I was lucky to be raised in brookside. I’m lucky to also work at Bella Napoli which is an Italian family restaurant that has made brookside its home for the last 17 years.  Bella Napoli strives in authentic Italian experience.  This experience comes from Italy, and in Italy, restaurants such as ours not only care about what goes on inside the restaurant but what happens outside regarding waste... especially food waste. In Milan, excess food is used to feed less fortunate, composting to feed farmers soil, and recycling to feed a circle economy and reduce landfill methane production.  I'm a traveler and I direct my focus on witn…